Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage:

Uniquely designed to fit your personal desires, each massage will release muscle anxieties and increase circulation, leaving your body feeling soothed and relaxed.

One-Hour Massage $60 

A variety of customized massages and essential oils are merged together to form a relaxing relief of muscular stress. Designed to induce circulation.

Half-Hour Massage $35 

A stress relieving treatment concentrating on the neck, shoulder, and back.

Hot Stone Massage $75 

Stones are placed on key energy points on the body, evoking an aura of warmth, whilst the deep penetrating heat from the stones are used to massage the body using traditional techniques to release muscular tension and balance the spirit.

Foot Massage $35 /half-hour

A stress relieving treatment concentrating on the head, neck, shoulder, back, and feet. Using reflexology promotes physiology improvements in the body.

Your Nail Care

Complete nail care for ladies and gentlemen

Manicure $16 

Done with gentle lotions caring for cuticles and nails, including a soothing massage of hands and arms.

French Manicure $21 

Done with gentle lotions caring for cuticles and nails, including a soothing massage of hands and arms.

Spa Manicure $26 

Basic manicure with an addition of CreativeSPA's exfoliating sea scrub, sea serum, and marine masque.

Shellac Manicure $35 

French Shellac Manicure $40 

Spa Pedicure - Chair $29 

A basic pedicure with an addition of CreativeSPA's sea salts with the foot massage.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure - Chair $39 

Enjoy an exotic beauty secret with the latest spa experience.

A luxurious pedicure to the newest spa indulgence with PediSpa systems. These newly created products are infused with Argan Oil Complex, an incredibly rare ingredient and a rich source of Vitamins A, B, D, E and AHAs that help to keep feet nourished and hydrated.

Hot stone and paraffin will incur extra cost.

Artificial Nails

Acrylic/Sculpture Nails $35 and up

Non-crystallizing solar products provide a thin, yet more durable nails with a natural appearance.

Solar Nails $45 and up

Compose of monomer and polymer: Text a liquid and powder combination that is similar in appearance to most acrylic products.

Silk Wrap Nails $45 and up

Strengthen and/or lengthen noils with the use of glue and silk. No harsh chemicals, which is good for allergic or sensitive skin.

Refill $30 and up

Skin Care

European Facial $60 /hr. & up

Include a gentle facial scrub, with aromatherapy steaming to remove dead skin cells. Also includes a gentle facial pore cleansing, neck and shoulder massage, and treatment masque.

Deep cleansing Back Treatment $60 /hr. & up

The Deep Cleansing Back Treatment reaches areas of the bock that ore unattainable. The back facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions that will revitalize the skin on your back. It is perfect for alleviating clogged areas or giving exposed areas on the bock a beautiful glow.


Eyebrow $13 

Eyebrow Tint $15 

Eyelash Tint $15 

Lip $8 & up

Chin $8 & up

Underarm $16 

Bikini $25 & up

Half Arm $20 & up

Half Leg $30 

Full Leg $60 

Back Wax $35 - $40